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"I'd cheat to keep these bastards out..."

Just heard this outburst by Ed Schultz of MSNBC on the job advocating voter fraud to defeat Scott Brown in tomorrow's special election in Massachusetts.

Regardless of one's political views, the advocacy of criminal behavior by a national media outlet to subvert our election process should not be tolerated by people of any political party or by the board of directors of any responsible media company that values its consumer constituency or its credibility.
Shareholders will evaluate this information and act accordingly. I intend to communicate my thoughts to the board of GE and invite readers to do the same. Contact data is provided below as is a graph of GE's stock price relative to the S&P 500 the source of which is the Investor Relations area of GE's website:
Contact info for GE Corporate Investor Communications:
Trevor A. Schauenberg
Vice President, Investor Communications
General Electric Company
203 373 2424

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