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A Time to Choose

Thanks to the folks from Zero Hedge for bringing Ronald Reagan's speech "A Time to Choose" to our attention. It is a must watch.  We confess to a bit of copycatting, but we want it to go viral.

We agree with ZH's observation that it is eerie how the conditions and issues in 1964, some half a century ago, directly parallel those that we face today. What is quite different, particularly in contrast to the Republican debate of last night ... and we stipulate a purposely stilted format and importunate hosts, 'braying' does come to mind...is Reagan's effectiveness of language & presentation in connecting a cohesive framework of thought.

We encourage the younger crowd to consider the research for this speech in a proper historical context: this was before the internet. This may in turn place the substance & intent of the criticism of Reagan as ~a mere actor, a dumb cowboy~ in proper context and intent.

We suppose we should write something about investing or the market, but in the meantime and given the degree of control the government has over our economies, we encourage all to consider this speech. We're channelling the very same issues today but our station is such that the costs are so large and the consequences so grave they can no longer be hidden.

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